Review: JACLYN HILL X MORPHE Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys!

So I know I just posted an eyeshadow palette review on the Soph x Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette,  but I also have one today on the Jaclyn hill x Morphe collaboration palette which is probably one of the most hyped palettes this year, this and the  ABH subculture palette(but lets not mention that). It finally arrived on beauty bay and after missing out on the first batch, I got it on the next re-stock so now I can finally try it out!

First impressions on the packaging- not a fan. I like the silver and the elaborate ‘jaclyn hill’ font on the front but I really hate the font which the wording on the back, inside the palette and some wording on the front is in, and that’s such a picky thing to get annoyed about but it bugs me :’) I would also have preferred something a bit sturdier than cardboard for such a large palette especially for I when I travel with it, but Its nice that Jaclyn has created a whole new look with this Morphe palette.IMG_2877

The palette consists of 18 shimmer/metallic shades and 17 matte shades so near enough an even split and the range of colours is amazing. It is a warm toned palette, but there is everything light to dark in shimmer and matte, a lot of transition shades for every skin tones and obviously the pops of colour that everyone has been drawn to!

All of these eyeshadow are amazingly pigmented, really smooth, not chalky and flaky, mimimal fallout on the eye(but there is a bit of kick-back in the pan) and they all blend really nicely and don’t blend away when you put more colours in the crease for example, which I love! £37 is a lot for a palette, but if you compare it to the too-faced chocolate bar palettes or naked palettes which are of similar prices, you get more shades (35!) for the same or better quality so I would definitely say its worth it. The wide range of colours also makes it a great palette to travel with (the two lightest shades in the top left corner make a beaut highlighter by the way) and its just really frickin amazing. and totally worth the hype.

I hope you enjoyed this palette review, if you can get your hands on it, I would totally recommend getting it!

Until next time, Hannah x


Living with 11 girls?!

Hey guys!

As I mentioned a couple posts back in my freshers week experience post, here is a post on living with 11 other girls! Yes, due to the lovely random selection process of student accommodation, for my first year of uni, I am living with 11 other girls in a townhouse this year (even though we all opted for mixed, but what can you do). It’s been…different to say the least, and whenever we tell people that we’re an all girls flat, they’re pretty shocked so I thought I would make a post of things you would expect to see in our/an all girls flat.

  1. Mess- I hate to be gender stereotypical, but with 12 girls, you would expect some order and cleanliness… well not in our flat. Our flat is the place where tea towels go to die and its now normal that our sinks smell of rotting food. I’m pretty sure the last time any of us had actually clean kitchen utensils and cutlery was when we brought them and then never again (or never, one flatmate has admitted that she hasn’t seen her cutlery for weeks and has been using whatever cutlery she can find)
  2. Emotions- Being in an all girls flat I think definitely enabled us to bond closer, quicker as I think there are less boundaries than if boys were around, for example, I’m not sure there are many guys that would be up for a deep emotional chat on the first night of knowing each other whilst comforting your flatmate who’s throwing up in the toilet followed by hot chocolate in pyjamas later on. It’s nice because anyone will give you a hug when you walk in the door, but me being such an emotionless rock, it is definitely…a shock. As in, my flatmates wonder how even my hugs can feel cold and patronising.
  3. Pictures- There have been a lot of nights when we’ve gotten ready for a night out and someone will say, ‘shall we take some pictures before we go?’ which is nice and everything, so if someone shouts to line up and do a synchronised slut-drop for a boomerang, its serious.
  4. A bloody week?- Living in such close proximity with 11 other girls, it is not surprising that we’re all starting to sync up with our ‘time of the month’s but instead of it being an emotional, wreck of a week like everything depicts that it is, we usually just have this conversation: “Im on my period.” “me too!”, “hey, me too!”.
  5. Sharing is caring- Besides the essentials like alcohol, frubes and chicken nuggets, we all share a lot of our things which is really nice for instances, when we get back after a night out and someone’s willing to make a big batch of chips as a late night snack or when we spontaneously decide to wear LBDs to a night out at spoons(because that’s only as far someone could make it before throwing up) and so everyone whips out the LBDs and shares around.
  6. Caring is caring- I’ve mentioned before that I got lucky with how nice everyone is in the flat, we’ve had people who come over for pres or whatever comment on how well we get along for a bunch of people who haven’t lived together for that long and so its nice that I live in a flat where everyone makes sure everyone is okay all the time if people disappear off the radar for a bit. Or if someone comes home after a night out and is a bit of a drunken state, we know to give her some toast; send her upstairs with a fork and a tennis ball and she’ll be alright in the morning.

Whats also really nice is that if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I have a twin, but we’ve both mentioned that we don’t miss each other as much as we thought we would and I definitely think its down to having such a great bunch of people to come home to at the end of the day, whether that’s my flat of 12 girls or her mixed flat. Whilst I imagine that living with 11 other girls isn’t that different to living with 11 other girls and boys, I still wanted to document a little bit of our craziness here. If you’re going to uni next year and somehow end up in an all girls flat even though that might not be what you specified on your application form, dont worry about it, it will be so much fun!

until next time ( its gonna be a morphe x jaclyn palette review!), hannah x





Flatmates are also really fun for playing pranks on when they go away for a few days, say, reading week?

Review: SOPH X MAKEUP REVOLUTION Eyeshadow Palette

Hey Guys!

Today’s post is a review of the collaboration palette between Sophdoesnails and Makeup Revolution which I am so excited because Sophie is one of my favourite youtubers and this palette has been very hyped about so have been very excited to try out!

I don’t have the highlighter palette because its been out of stock in my nearby superdrug for ages(as has the eyeshadow palette) but instead of ordering it online, I want to wait until I can swatch it instore because I have makeup revolution highlighters before that are just way too glittery for me and I didn’t like the formula of- If any of you have tried the highlighters let me know your thoughts!

So the palette consists of 13 matte shadows and 11 shimmer/metallic shadows(although one basically seems like a matte eyeshadow but with bits of glitter in) that claim to be ’24 Ultra Professional Eyeshadows’, so no claims on pigmentation of longevity.

However, all these eyeshadows are pigmented which is a happy surprise, you cant really see from the swatches because they don’t swatch the best, but they’re really nice eyeshadows! I do prefer the mattes in this palette just because of how well they blend, they’re not chalky and weird like some mattes you can get and they last well on the eyes.  I have found that some of the shimmer shadows go on a little patchy as well as blending away alot when you put more eyeshadow on top or around than the mattes. Its a shame because they are all pigmented, so you can get really lovely looks out of this palette (my makeup has been complimented when I’ve used this palette so I can confirm this is true), they just take a little more care and attention!

I also really like the colour selection, it offers such a wide range of looks which makes this the perfect travelling palette, you can take this away for a week and you are good to go. Its a good size and comes with a huge (actually good) mirror in really nice nude and rose gold packaging, which does pick up fingerprints but also looks aesthetically pleasing in your makeup collection!

Despite my quips with some of the shimmer shadows, I will still say that this is the best drugstore palette that I own at least, and for £10 (for 24 shadows!) its such a great priced palette, I would definitely recommend!

I have also have a review coming on the morphe x jaclyn hill collaboration so look out for that!

Until next time, hannah x

9 things I learn’t during Fresher’s Week

Hi Guys!

Three weeks ago yesterday I started university (eek!) and whilst I was very nervous at the prospect of starting, these past three weeks could not have been a better start to uni. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful flat which has thankfully made the whole thing a lot less scary than I thought it would be. I’ve actually ended up in a flat of 12 girls-even though we all opted for mixed- which I definitely want to do a post on at some point but today’s post is 9 things I’ve learnt in freshers week/these past three weeks, kind of an overview of my uni experience so far-enjoy!

  1. The importance of washing up and distinguishable cutlery– To my parents surprise, I have actually kept my room quite tidy. The living area and kitchen area on the other hand could not be more different. With 12 students sharing one space, it has unsurprisingly gone to shit.  Therefore, I have learnt that washing up/drying up asap will stop your cutlery and kitchen utensils disappearing in to The Washing up pile of everyone’s identical white plates and glasses from IKEA, never to be put away or seen again.
  2. Keeping an eye on your alcohol– Whilst I am all up for sharing, I have to admit I was a bit sad when my bottle of vodka disappeared after having about a fifth of it in the first few days. Whilst I was fine to let it go, my wonderful flatmates have not and three weeks later, we still like to sit around the table and think of conspiracy theories (but we think Reb did it). So I have learnt to put a nice little polite message to bugger off on my alcohol.
  3. Taking advantage of my surroundings– I will admit to taking straws from clubs (and toilet roll from spoons) but they can spare it thanks to the lovely, overpriced drinks students will buy whatever the price because its sesh night. So yes, I will take fistfuls of straws and stuff them down my top because I’m a student now(my excuse for everything)
  4. To always have a charged phone– In freshers week, your flatmates actually care where you are all the time so its good to have your phone on all the time, but also in the first couple days when you guys are all chatting away and then there’s an awkward lull in the convo where no-one knows what to say so everyone whips out their phone to pretend to be busy, its nice to have a phone for that too.
  5. To chug your drink– there are not alot of drinking games where you sit around sipping your beverages, and whilst I have not mastered chugging my drink, noone really can to be honest, I have marginally got better, so woo.
  6. To smile– When you embark on such a big scary experience like starting university, people like me, who have resting bitch face, need to make more of an effort to turn the corners of theirs mouth up into a scraggy smile and that’s all that it takes to convince people that you’re not about to kill them and therefore easier to approach, and therefore, seem more open to socialising and making friends! But smiling makes it easier to make friends and socialise, and ask for directions without feeling embarrassed- but basically everyone’s lost anyway. Despite this, I am still the emotionless, dead rock of the group, but its the third week now so who cares.
  7. To cook something other than pesto pasta-, ah, pesto pasta, every students favourite meal. Now I can make pesto pasta with bacon, pesto pasta with cheese, pesto pasta with chorizo and stir fry 🙂
  8. The art of paying attention– There have been many times when I’ve been stuck in an auditorium full of  about 300 people all coughing their guts out because everyone has freshers flu(including me, I’m sorry), feeling hungover and have had literally no idea what the lecturer is saying. In a classroom at college or secondary school where there’s only 15-20 of you, you have to pay attention because obviously its so easy to spot someone who’s slumped over their desk, but in a lecture its so easy to just drift off which just makes understanding everything so much harder, but to make a conscious decision to concentrate means you get so much more out of a lecture.
  9. How to do washing– I havent. But I’ve ran out of ideas. I’ve literally done it once so far and I made my friend come with me and she showed me how to do and I definitely did not pay attention to what she was doing and I will probably be bringing her with me the second time.

I hope you have all enjoyed this post, and I will hopefully be back again soon with more uni related posts!

Until next time, hannah x

A Reflection on 18 Years

Hey guys,

Tomorrow I turn 18 years old and will be a legal adult, and so I thought it would be nice to reflect on my past 18 years of life!

I really think childhood/teenager-hood entails growing up fast; if you think about it. From the age of 0-11, you are mollycoddled, have little independency, treated as a child and that spans across 11 years, whereas the next few years after, in such a short amount of time, you are expected to grow up in to a fully-functioning adult in such a short amount of time which means a lot of growing up mentally(and physically- damn you growing pains). Its amazing but also kinda crazy to think that at the start of this decade I had to ask my mum if I could wear short-sleeves when it got warmer, or go outside and play with my friends, or have a snack, or go outside, or breathe basically. I much prefer being independent and it is so exciting that I now get to go to university and be my own independent person and whilst I may not enjoy all the responsibilities that comes with being an adult, I will be able to do them. (and still go on a bender saturday night because Im a student now)

Which leads me on to my next point- learning to work hard. As in exams. As in not being able to take your build-a-bear into your exams like you could when you were 10 but taking exams which will decide your future and could change your life forever. I distinctly remember when I was 11 and taking my first batch of ‘end of year exams’ which were semi-important, flicking through my text books for about 10 secs and then going off to sit on club penguin. Back then I could get away with it, but let me tell you, A-levels are HARD. Really hard. I mention it in this post, because doing well in my A-levels and getting into a good uni is one of my biggest life achievements which some people may not care about or I may not care about in ten years, but for now, I’m hella proud.

Looking back, I do wish I had been a more sociable, confident teenager which I think is a result of being sucked into social media and the fact that it is a deep dark hole and it does cause people to care more about what people think of them, than it should. Nowadays, I am more confident and less shy I would say, which feels like I’ve come a full circle because I was a more confident child and did stuff- like rapping in a church full of people(???)- that I look back on now and think wtf. With that, I will aim to do more with my life in the next coming years so I have little or no regrets when I look back, and seize every opportunity, although I still do think my past 18 years have been fufilling because of my determination to work hard or courage to do things like donating my hair.

I going to bring this post to a close because the cheesiness of that last line makes me want to vom, I hope you have enjoyed this post and If anyone has a birthday coming up aswell, happy birthday!

Hannah x