4 Easy Care Succulents for Newbies

Here is my first post about one of my main loves in life: houseplants.

My collection has now reached 18 plants; my room is turning into a mini jungle; I really should stop getting plants but they’re all like children to me. After all, once you’ve proven that you can take care of a plant, you can then progress to small animals and then ten years down the line, you can successfully raise a small army of children. (Don’t question the logic, just do it.)

Here are four easy- peasy succulents to look after, for all my succulent and cacti lovers out there, or anyone who wants to get stuck into the depths of houseplant care.

String of Hearts: My string of hearts are my favourites, they are so easy to grow and so pretty. I got my first plant a year ago and since then, it has easily grown another 3ft, had a really good and long flowering season and it also grew enough for me to get a good amount of cuttings off of to turn into a baby string of hearts, which is also doing really well!

I care for mine my putting it in a position where it will receive a good amount of sunlight (Very important! My string of hearts definitely do better when I’m at home as they can live in our conservatory where they receive a lot of light) and water it minimally. I generally water mine when it either looks a bit lack lustre, if there are yellow leaves (this can also be an indicator of too little light) or if the leaves are really soft – this is a great tip that my sister gave me, so thanks Liv. They’re also really easy to propagate, there are loads of youtube tutorials to follow out there if you’re interested in doing this.

Bunny ears cactus: Yes this is a succulent -all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti! This is also one of my faves, however I will put out a casual age warning of 18+ on cacti with needles. I have known my adult flatmates to ignore my ‘don’t touch’ sign and end up getting needles stuck in their fingers so there’s no limit to what an actual child would do…) You can get a lot of growth out of it every spring which is really cool to watch. It you look at the photo of mine I’ve included, everything except the bottom centre pad has grown since I got it!

Yeah…don’t touch it.

Like a lot of cacti species it doesn’t require a lot of water. I water mine about once a week during summer and in winter, every 2-3 weeks, or even less! They don’t need a lot of water in the winter as they go dormant, frequent watering in cold weather could make them get root rot. When it really needs water, the cactus pads become thinner and wrinkle slightly.

One thing to look out for with this plant is its teeny tiny needles which will come off on your skin at the slightest touch. It’s really easy to not realise you’ve got needles stuck in your skin because they’re so small, but it will feel like you’ve got splinters in your hand and can be painful. They are easily plucked out with tweezers but it’s still good to be careful!

String of Pearls: This is really pretty plant of green vines with little green buds to make up the ‘pearls’. (Can you tell I like trailing plants?)

They’re super easy to take care of because they don’t require a lot of water, string of pearls suck up water into their buds so they can go along time without water if need be. I find that mine definitely does better on the drier side. I generally water when the soil is dry, about as often as I would water a string of hearts. Other than that I make sure it gets a good amount of sunlight, trim off any dead buds and it ticks along very happily!

Aloe plants: These are very common succulents and you can find them really easily in shops. I have two, one from Ikea(!) and one a gift from a friend and I love both of them. They grow a lot in the spring- from my photos, you can see small off-shoots and they have all grown since I’ve gotten them, which has been less than a year for each.

Again, they require minimal watering and do better with under watering rather than over-watering (they don’t like being sat in soggy soil) and want lots of natural sunlight.

A few general notes for all the plants, I would be careful of having them near heaters or radiators as they do not react well to the dry heat. Also, even though all these plants like bright sunlight, try to avoid putting them in positions where they can receive a lot of intense sunlight (like right next to a window in full view of bright sun) as they can burn! In terms of when to re-pot, I am yet to re-pot any of these plants since I first got them (a good few months ago), yet none of them have shown signs of being pot bound (e.g roots coming out of the bottom of the pot) and if the plants are happy, it’s better to leave them alone. In terms of feeding my plants, I give them all Baby Bio very occasionally.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my overview of some of my favourite plants and that it may inspire you to add some greenery to your life- succulents really are so easy to look after, and if you get a plant and you’re not sure what it is or how to look after it, it’s always worth doing a bit of research first!

Happy planting!

Hannah x


Living with 11 girls?!

Hey guys!

As I mentioned a couple posts back in my freshers week experience post, here is a post on living with 11 other girls! Yes, due to the lovely random selection process of student accommodation, for my first year of uni, I am living with 11 other girls in a townhouse this year (even though we all opted for mixed, but what can you do). It’s been…different to say the least, and whenever we tell people that we’re an all girls flat, they’re pretty shocked so I thought I would make a post of things you would expect to see in our/an all girls flat.

  1. Mess- I hate to be gender stereotypical, but with 12 girls, you would expect some order and cleanliness… well not in our flat. Our flat is the place where tea towels go to die and its now normal that our sinks smell of rotting food. I’m pretty sure the last time any of us had actually clean kitchen utensils and cutlery was when we brought them and then never again (or never, one flatmate has admitted that she hasn’t seen her cutlery for weeks and has been using whatever cutlery she can find)
  2. Emotions- Being in an all girls flat I think definitely enabled us to bond closer, quicker as I think there are less boundaries than if boys were around, for example, I’m not sure there are many guys that would be up for a deep emotional chat on the first night of knowing each other whilst comforting your flatmate who’s throwing up in the toilet followed by hot chocolate in pyjamas later on. It’s nice because anyone will give you a hug when you walk in the door, but me being such an emotionless rock, it is definitely…a shock. As in, my flatmates wonder how even my hugs can feel cold and patronising.
  3. Pictures- There have been a lot of nights when we’ve gotten ready for a night out and someone will say, ‘shall we take some pictures before we go?’ which is nice and everything, so if someone shouts to line up and do a synchronised slut-drop for a boomerang, its serious.
  4. A bloody week?- Living in such close proximity with 11 other girls, it is not surprising that we’re all starting to sync up with our ‘time of the month’s but instead of it being an emotional, wreck of a week like everything depicts that it is, we usually just have this conversation: “Im on my period.” “me too!”, “hey, me too!”.
  5. Sharing is caring- Besides the essentials like alcohol, frubes and chicken nuggets, we all share a lot of our things which is really nice for instances, when we get back after a night out and someone’s willing to make a big batch of chips as a late night snack or when we spontaneously decide to wear LBDs to a night out at spoons(because that’s only as far someone could make it before throwing up) and so everyone whips out the LBDs and shares around.
  6. Caring is caring- I’ve mentioned before that I got lucky with how nice everyone is in the flat, we’ve had people who come over for pres or whatever comment on how well we get along for a bunch of people who haven’t lived together for that long and so its nice that I live in a flat where everyone makes sure everyone is okay all the time if people disappear off the radar for a bit. Or if someone comes home after a night out and is a bit of a drunken state, we know to give her some toast; send her upstairs with a fork and a tennis ball and she’ll be alright in the morning.

Whats also really nice is that if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I have a twin, but we’ve both mentioned that we don’t miss each other as much as we thought we would and I definitely think its down to having such a great bunch of people to come home to at the end of the day, whether that’s my flat of 12 girls or her mixed flat. Whilst I imagine that living with 11 other girls isn’t that different to living with 11 other girls and boys, I still wanted to document a little bit of our craziness here. If you’re going to uni next year and somehow end up in an all girls flat even though that might not be what you specified on your application form, dont worry about it, it will be so much fun!

until next time ( its gonna be a morphe x jaclyn palette review!), hannah x





Flatmates are also really fun for playing pranks on when they go away for a few days, say, reading week?

How to Be a Successful Blogger (parody)

Yeesh, it has been a looong time since I have blogged and I apologise. But I am back, A-levels are over, I currently have 11 weeks to fill and I am ready to write something again which isn’t an essay about Shakespeare or Margaret Thatcher.

So fear not, today’s post is all about how to be a successful blogger, tips on what you can do to improve your blogging game(but parody style!). On my lovely time away from blogging, revising, I also got alot more involved on twitter in terms of blogging, and by that I mean following a lot more bloggers and watching ALOT of drama play out on my timeline. Seriously, I follow bloggers to read good content and to learn more about being a blogger and improving writing but good god, there’s so much drama! I was there through the instagram bots debacle, that girl who said there was no more room for bloggers and this recent drama about that girl with the phoney magazine, so I have seen alot.

However, who am I to sit here and preach to you about how to be successful when your own success is up to your own passion and abilities, therefore this post is a parody kind of post. Just making a little light-hearted fun(no offence intended!!) of all the things most bloggers, including myself do on blogs, which may create success!. So enjoy!

  1. Lists: You basically need to start writing all your posts in lists, because when a person sees a link to a ‘5 ways to…’, ’10 things to do…’, ‘Top 10 beauty…’, they tap their screen so hard, their fresh acrylic nails be snapping right off. For some inspiration, here are some ‘list’ style blog post ideas to get you going and to become a successful blogger. ’10 things to do during the summer’, ‘Top 10 beauty products’, ‘5 adjectives to use for eyeshadow instead of buttery’, ‘7 reasons why I’m obsessed with rose gold’ or ’10 ways to complain about bloggers with bigger followings’
  2. Flatlays: A year ago, I didn’t know what a flatlay way, nowadays I fully accept the fact that it is your ticket to SUCCESS. Flatlay the heck out of your photos, arrange all your aesthetically pleasing products in an aesthetically pleasing manner because we are drawn to , you guessed it, aesthetically pleasing things. mmmm. However, incase you need a few ‘props’ to pad out your flatlay to make it more…aesthetically pleasing, here are some ideas for a successful flatlay!: Rings. Jewellery. Petals. Flowers. A garden. Your dog. Your sister. Anything rose gold. Your sister rolled in gold glitter and cooked for a few hours in the sun so she looks rose gold. Anything copper. Your sister cooked in the sun so she looks copper(with the right filter). Its pretty easy to get it right!
  3. Trends: Hopping on the next trend’s bandwagon will make you seem trendy! And no matter what it is, if its a product, for example, the new Urban Decay Heat palette(calm your screaming) it is most like to be…aesthetically pleasing so you can get some banging instagram photos and some good blog post clickbait. For example: why you love it, because obviously you’re going to love it, its so hyped about!, or why you hate it (shit) because its full of red shades and you know they don’t suit you and you’ll never use it but you just had to buy it because…instagram photos!
  4. Dont use instagram bots because its wrong and fake: Or do, but hide it…I’m not too sure what the trend is yet.
  5. But in all seriousness, be a nice, appreciative, respectful blogger because there’s a lot of people that have a lot of amazing, creative ideas and there’s also a lot of biitchy people, so you do you. *snaps fingers in an ‘s’*

I hope you enjoyed my short, back to blogging post-just a bit of fun! Until next time,

Hannah x

8 things to do before I turn 18


Today’s post is something I mentioned I would do in my goodbye 2016 post and that is instead of making new year resolutions, I would instead create a bucket list of things for me to do before I turn 18 this year in August.  All the things on this list are specific to me, I wanted to document it here so I would have this to look back and reflect on, however I hope that some of my ideas will inspire you to create your own bucket list.

  1. Get my provisional licence/ pass theory test  : I’m putting these into the same category just because they’re both to do with driving. Getting my provisional licence isn’t really something I would like to do, its more I need to do it otherwise   I’m going to have to take my passport with me to uni as I.D, but I really want to get m y theory test  done just so I’ve got a head start on getting my license. At the moment, I have no intention on passing the practical test and getting my license because I don’t have the resources, however my theory test is definitely something I would like to do in the summer before I go to uni when I ‘ve got loads of time on my hands!
  2. Get into university!! : My results day falls right before my birthday so that will be something I’ll be able to do before I turn 18. There is no way I’m staying g at home for another year and so  this also ties in with getting good grades, but I know if I work hard enough, I’ll be able to do it!
  3. Write more: I love writing, I really want to blog more as well as doing creative writing.  My ultimate aim is to publish a novel in the future and that book isn’t going to write itself! (As you can tell, I’m counting on cramming this bucket list into my summer when I have no A levels to do!)
  4. Go camping: Last summer, I went camping with my friends by our selves for three days  and It was so much fun, I  would really like to do it again!
  5. OR Instead of camping(because I don’t think my bank account can take both), go to a festival! I’ve been to Glastonbury a couple times but that was quite a few years ago and so I would love to go to a different one!
  6. Learn how to use Bloglovin’ : I see bloglovin’ talked about all the time and it seems like such a big deal to bloggers I follow on twitter, so I made myself an account but I honestly don’t get how to use it? My first impression is that it’s a fancy blogging version of Pinterest and to me, Pinterest is a fancy version of google images…and that doesn’t seem right. So if anyone can lend a helping hand, let me know!
  7. Go swimming: Last summer, a swimming pool opened up near where I live and my sister and I vowed to go. Half a year later, and we still haven’t gone, so that s something I would like to do at least once before I leave for uni.
  8. Go the gym:…*takes deep breath* At least once? Maybe?

And that’s everything! Even though it’s not a very long list, it’s quite a hefty list and if I get it all done before I turn 18, I’ll be pretty happy with myself. I hope this has inspired you to tick some things off your bucket list or to create your own. When I turn 18 I will definitely update you all on how I’ve done!

Hannah x



5 Things I’ve Learnt in my First Year of College

Hey guys!

Long time no blog(im sorry).Today I thought I would do a post about ‘5 things I’ve learnt in my first year of college’. AGES ago I did a ‘6 things I’ve learnt in my first 6 months of blogging’ or something like that which you can read here and so as my first year of college has drawn to a close, I wanted to do another post like that because its pretty interesting or it may be helpful to any of you out there who are about to start college/school etc. Lets get started!

  1. Everyone is in the same boat as you: I remember starting college and being naturally anxious about it as I thing everyone is/was but its so easy to thing that you’re the only one feeling like that. I recently signed up to be an ambassador to help settle the newbies in next year and in my training, they said that there was a very large proportion of students who found it hard to settle in, boys and girls. This was partly down to them feeling like they were alone in this situation, which is not true. I remember tripping round college in the first week(s) and saying to someone ‘I have no idea where im going/what im doing!’ and they would say, ‘me too!’ and then you have someone to hold on to, you just have to remember that you’re all starting college so everyone will be feeling some level of anxiety about it. If someone says they’re not, they’re bluffing.
  2. The best ways to make friends is to not go home in your frees. When I got my timetable, I looked at and just thought, ‘hell YES’, because I had a hella lot of free time. For starters, I was done by half 12 on Friday and I didn’t even have to be in college until 3:15 on a Thursday and so I was like, ‘great, I only live 15 minutes away, I can go home and watch friends to my hearts content’, however you’re not going to make friends quicker or more easily if you’re slinking off home at every chance you get to watch TV. The temptation is real, believe me but its better to stay at college and talk to new people or just hang out with your friends. Plus, if you’re never there, then you’re not going to be able to stake a claim on the cool sofas in the canteen.
  3. English Language and English Literature are different subjects. I am one of the few people(I actually don’t know anyone else who does this but there must be a few) who takes English Literature and English Language as two SEPARATE A levels. And most people respond to this with, ‘ohmygad that’s so much english and writing, you must get so bored’ Er-no. To me, they are so different, Literature is looking at the meaning behind poetry and plays whereas Language is looking at the context behind the English Language. So its what language techniques are and why they are used. Plus, sure I get an essay maybe every other week but that’s across both subjects so throughout this year, I’ve been writing as much as to be expected from other subjects, however now we are at that wonderful pint in my college education where they give you a shit tonne of coursework, so I’ve got 2500 words due for English language, 3000 due for history(yeah, I do that too) and 3500 due for English literature. *sigh*
  4. The best way to get out of a group presentation is to make a factsheet. In English Literature, my teacher has made a habit of making us do group presentations which everyone hates. So the best way to get out of it is to make a factsheet, outlining your points, include evidence and that way you can make copies and pass it round the class and you don’t have to say much at all!
  5. Okay, I just asked my sister for a suggestion and she said, ‘keep on top of your work’ which is kinda boring and im sure you’ve heard it all before but it is true. Keeping on top of your work is the way you’re gonna help yourself the most and get the best grades. Plus, if you do shit all during the year and turn in poor work, then at the end of the year and you’re in my position where your college puts forward your predicted grades for universities to base offers off of, then your shoddy work is not going to reflect well. Now im not saying you have to go all hardcore about doing well, just try your best!

And that is it! Im sorry if that was a bit serious, but I hope it was helpful and insightful for some of you. And if any of you are starting college or school in September, remember to have fun!

Until next time, Hannah x