How to Cope With Homesickness at University

Missing home when you’re at uni is extremely common and it’s something I feel doesn’t get talked a lot about; mainly because there’s a stigma that an 18/19/20 old adult missing home is embarrassing and because at this age, you’re kind of just expected to get on with it.

I remember going on a PGL trip in year 6 for five days with school and on the first night a girl cried her eyes out because she missed home and I thought she was an absolute wetty (which I know was a bit harsh). So, to miss home at uni when you’re a fully fledged adult and you should be beginning to make your way in the world away from home and your parents seems…embarrassing?

However, the reality is that of course you’re going to miss your family because they’re your family and you love them. Uni especially seems to heighten this because for a lot of people, its near enough moving out at age 18/19 and you’re put in a house full of strangers (in my case 11!) and you’ve got to make that situation work.Through navigating that and also adapting to living in a place which is the complete opposite of your home and most likely a dirty hole most of the time (because apparently no one knows how to take the bins out or wash up the dishes!) it is inevitable that you will miss home.

I do really enjoy university, my degree and living with friends (most of the time) but I also miss home a bit too. That doesn’t mean I want to drop out and live with my parents until my sister can afford to move me into a mansion with her, it is just something to cope with, so here is what I do, or have done to help with homesickness- hopefully they will hope you too!

  1. Visit Home – Now I know this seems counter-productive to go home and I’m definitely not suggesting to go home every weekend (because that will make it harder to keep on coming back to university) but if you miss your family and can afford to go home or wont miss loads of lectures to do so, its definitely worth it. Spending a couple days away from university can refresh your mind for when you return, plus you will be guaranteed nice food and a warm house!
  2. Make your room homey– This I think is so important, in first year when you’re living in university accommodation, your room is the only space that you can make homey as all other communal spaces in university accommodation will be shared by people you perhaps you don’t know very well. In second year, your accommodation will feel more homey because you’ll (hopefully) be living with friends in actual houses, but again, its hard to feel relaxed in a kitchen that is a crapfest 24/7 or a livingroom which in my case, is always cold and wet and is decorated with a large piece of pipe and a cushion someone threw up on. So, your room is a good opportunity to decorate with perhaps things from your room at home so where you’re living wont feel so alien.
  3. Talk to someone about it– It’s always better to talk to someone about your problems than to bottle it up and you’d be surprised how likely it is that someone else, perhaps a flatmate, or all your flatmates, are feeling similarly to you. I know that if I were talk to my brother and sister about missing home they would probably give me a pat on the arm and pinch my cheeks and give me a sympathetic ‘awww’ but I also know they miss home because they always moan about our parents not visiting them enough, so everyone could benefit from a chat every once in a while.

I hope, if nothing else, that this post shows that its okay to miss home at uni and its just one of those things that you may encounter as you move out and into the world, let me know what you think!

(Also, look at me bossing it at getting posts up??)


Review: JACLYN HILL X MORPHE Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys!

So I know I just posted an eyeshadow palette review on the Soph x Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette,  but I also have one today on the Jaclyn hill x Morphe collaboration palette which is probably one of the most hyped palettes this year, this and the  ABH subculture palette(but lets not mention that). It finally arrived on beauty bay and after missing out on the first batch, I got it on the next re-stock so now I can finally try it out!

First impressions on the packaging- not a fan. I like the silver and the elaborate ‘jaclyn hill’ font on the front but I really hate the font which the wording on the back, inside the palette and some wording on the front is in, and that’s such a picky thing to get annoyed about but it bugs me :’) I would also have preferred something a bit sturdier than cardboard for such a large palette especially for I when I travel with it, but Its nice that Jaclyn has created a whole new look with this Morphe palette.IMG_2877

The palette consists of 18 shimmer/metallic shades and 17 matte shades so near enough an even split and the range of colours is amazing. It is a warm toned palette, but there is everything light to dark in shimmer and matte, a lot of transition shades for every skin tones and obviously the pops of colour that everyone has been drawn to!

All of these eyeshadow are amazingly pigmented, really smooth, not chalky and flaky, mimimal fallout on the eye(but there is a bit of kick-back in the pan) and they all blend really nicely and don’t blend away when you put more colours in the crease for example, which I love! £37 is a lot for a palette, but if you compare it to the too-faced chocolate bar palettes or naked palettes which are of similar prices, you get more shades (35!) for the same or better quality so I would definitely say its worth it. The wide range of colours also makes it a great palette to travel with (the two lightest shades in the top left corner make a beaut highlighter by the way) and its just really frickin amazing. and totally worth the hype.

I hope you enjoyed this palette review, if you can get your hands on it, I would totally recommend getting it!

Until next time, Hannah x

A Reflection on 18 Years

Hey guys,

Tomorrow I turn 18 years old and will be a legal adult, and so I thought it would be nice to reflect on my past 18 years of life!

I really think childhood/teenager-hood entails growing up fast; if you think about it. From the age of 0-11, you are mollycoddled, have little independency, treated as a child and that spans across 11 years, whereas the next few years after, in such a short amount of time, you are expected to grow up in to a fully-functioning adult in such a short amount of time which means a lot of growing up mentally(and physically- damn you growing pains). Its amazing but also kinda crazy to think that at the start of this decade I had to ask my mum if I could wear short-sleeves when it got warmer, or go outside and play with my friends, or have a snack, or go outside, or breathe basically. I much prefer being independent and it is so exciting that I now get to go to university and be my own independent person and whilst I may not enjoy all the responsibilities that comes with being an adult, I will be able to do them. (and still go on a bender saturday night because Im a student now)

Which leads me on to my next point- learning to work hard. As in exams. As in not being able to take your build-a-bear into your exams like you could when you were 10 but taking exams which will decide your future and could change your life forever. I distinctly remember when I was 11 and taking my first batch of ‘end of year exams’ which were semi-important, flicking through my text books for about 10 secs and then going off to sit on club penguin. Back then I could get away with it, but let me tell you, A-levels are HARD. Really hard. I mention it in this post, because doing well in my A-levels and getting into a good uni is one of my biggest life achievements which some people may not care about or I may not care about in ten years, but for now, I’m hella proud.

Looking back, I do wish I had been a more sociable, confident teenager which I think is a result of being sucked into social media and the fact that it is a deep dark hole and it does cause people to care more about what people think of them, than it should. Nowadays, I am more confident and less shy I would say, which feels like I’ve come a full circle because I was a more confident child and did stuff- like rapping in a church full of people(???)- that I look back on now and think wtf. With that, I will aim to do more with my life in the next coming years so I have little or no regrets when I look back, and seize every opportunity, although I still do think my past 18 years have been fufilling because of my determination to work hard or courage to do things like donating my hair.

I going to bring this post to a close because the cheesiness of that last line makes me want to vom, I hope you have enjoyed this post and If anyone has a birthday coming up aswell, happy birthday!

Hannah x


Review- Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte liquid lipsticks


Today’s post is going to be a review on the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte liquid lipsticks. I picked up two of these in the shades Iced Mocha and Cher in the black friday sales, I know that was a while ago but I wanted to test these thoroughly and I also haven’t had a lot of time to write a post, so here we are!

So as I said, I picked up Cher which is a really nice slightly dark pinky nude and Iced Mocha, which on my pale ass face is a dark chocolatey-plum brown and it is beautiful, very unique and I’m very happy I picked it as I don’t have another shade like it!

(Top: Cher, Bottom: Iced Mocha)

Firstly, the packaging is very pretty and fancy with a gold lid and matte tube, it doesn’t not look cheap in the slightest! They retail on BeautyBay for £11.50, I just wanna say that BeautyBay is an amazing site. They delivered both my orders within two days; wrapped my liquid lipsticks in bubble wrap and sellotaped them to the inside of the  cardboard box so they wouldn’t slide around and get damaged, I’m very impressed! So the lipsticks are £11.50, I got mine 30% off because it was black friday but I would still pay full price,they’re at a good point between drugstore and high-end,  I think they’re definitely worth it.

I have mixed feelings on the formula of these. They are both equally long lasting, and when they do rub off (barely) from food or drink, they come off evenly and not patchy or leave that lovely line around your lips that some lipsticks do. They also feel really nice on the lips, on first application they feel dry, however over the course of the day, they seem to sink into your lips and hydrate them(hydra-matte, see? see?) without losing any pigmentation or the matte finish which I really like. Cher has a quite liquidy formula, its really easy to apply, you only need 2 dips to cover your top and bottom lip, they also both dry down quickly to a really nice matte finish. On the other hand, I’m not so keen on the formula of Iced Mocha. I don’t know if there is a formula difference or if I just got one from a weird batch but Iced Mocha has a thicker consistency. It doesn’t apply as nicely, I find it hard to get lovely clean lines and one dip doesn’t go as far on the lips as Cher. That being said, once it’s on the lips, it feels exactly the same as Cher and they both last really long so it’s not a major complaint, how long it wears is something I care about more than how it applies. In terms of other liquid lipsticks I have, I like these more than my sleek matte me liquid lipsticks and the NYX liquid suede ones. I don’t like them as much as my Stila liquid lipstick or my sephora one because the finish of those are slightly drier and more matte than the Gerard cosmetics ones which I prefer, however the difference is not very big, it’s just me being picky really!Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Overall I really love these liquid lipsticks, the lasting power of these is really impressive, I would definitely recommend getting them! I would love to try some more, however now that I’m hooked on BeautyBay, I’m going to see what other liquid lipsticks they have on there and try them out!

Until next time,

Hannah x


Hey guys!

So today i have a really exciting post because this is all about my hair donation!fotorcreated-7

Okay, so basically im just going to tell you the story of my hair. In about year 10, my hair was relatively short. It was at a very boring length and it was going through a very weird phase, there were layers and odd fringes and i wasn’t happy with my hair. In year 10, our classes changed and in my new science class, there was a girl with really long, slightly wavy hair. It came down to her waist, maybe longer. I looked at her and thought, ‘i want my hair to be that long’. So from then on, i actively started to grow my hair out, and by this i mean i didn’t go to the hairdressers as regularly and when i did go i would always say, ‘just a tiny trim please, Im growing it out!’ And my hair got longer and longer, thankfully my hair grows quite fast and so I’ve had what other people would consider long hair for a loonng time, it just hasn’t been long enough to me, but about 2-21/2 years later it had reached a very long length that i was happy with.

I have never liked mid-length hair on me, i either like really long or really short so i always knew that when the time came for me wanting to cut my hair shorter, it would be a big chop and so i always knew that eventually i would donate my hair because the amount of hair i would be cutting off is too much to be swept away into the bin.  However, that is not my only reason for wanting to donate my hair, firstly, yeah it would be wasteful of me to just chuck it away but hair is just one of things that make girls feel beautiful. I love having long hair because i can swish it around and feel like a princess and its so nice to have people say to me, ‘i love your hair, i wish i had your hair’. It makes me so happy, it really does. So what better thing could i do, than to donate my hair so it makes some little girl out there as happy and feel as pretty as it made me feel. Giving someone the chance to feel more confident is a very special gift. Personally, i am very attatched to my hair, but not so much that if i were to cut it short, i would still feel as happy as i did before so i didnt have sleepless nights mulling over this decision- basically if you want to donate your hair, even though your doing it for someone else, you’ve got to be 100% you’re happy too.

The charity i chose was the Little Princess Trust. I definitely recommend researching charities to make sure you’re happy with where your donation is going but personally i didn’t get too caught up in deciding which charity i would donate to because in the end, no matter where you donate, the end result is still going to be that your contributing hair to someone which is in more need of it than you, and its still going to make that person very happy. The Little Princess Trust provide real hair wigs for girls and boys across the UK and Ireland that have lost their hair as a side affect of cancer treatment. The minimum length you can donate is 7 inches, it must be in good condition, no more than 10% greys, if you want to see more about the requirements to be a donor, check out their  website here! However, the Little Princess Trust would now like to be able to make longer wigs and that requires 12 inches minimum, this is because 4 inches of hair already gets lost in the knotting process so i wanted to donate 12 inches or more. Now i’ll talk a bit about the actual donation process.

So i booked a hair appointment(i would advise that you tell your hairdresser what you want to do before you go just so they’re prepared) and I went(obviously). Firstly, i told her what length i wanted to cut it to, and from there she put two plaits in. I would really recommend cutting your hair in plaits just because its going to the decreases the risk of hair falling out, and once its on the floor-you cant use it. I watched a video of a girl who was donating their hair-and it was quite layered-the hairdresser put it in a ponytail and she started to cut, she then let go of it for a second and a lot of her hair came out of the ponytail and fell on the floor- if you think your hair might be in danger of falling out of a ponytail, put it in plaits!

So my hair was plaited into two plaits and then cut off- one measured 12 inches long and the other was a bit shorter so i probably donated around 13/14 inches! The sound of a pair of scissors sawing throwing my hair was slightly horrendous, not as in ‘ew i hate that sound’ but as ‘oh wow, im actually doing this and that sounds so freaking weird’ Then my hair was washed and styled how i wanted it etc. After that, i put my hair in a plastic bag and then its being posted in a padded(v.important) brown envelope and make sure you get your package weighed before you post it so its posted properly. My hair previously came down to a tiny bit above my waist, now it probably 2cm below my shoulders- so a big jump!

Im super happy with how my hair turned out and Im really happy that my hair was long enough to donate enough for a longer wig. Its really weird, my head feels lighter and another thing i noticed that’s weird is that i used to brush my hair really hard and vigorously to get through the thickness of it and the knots but now my hairbrush shoots off my head really quickly because there’s so much less to brush! I got my hair cut about a week ago and im mostly used it but sometimes i do think, ‘oh my god i have short hair’ because its just a such big difference!

I’m going to end this post here because its getting super long, all i wanna say is that if you’re thinking about donating hair, i would highly recommend it. Donating hair is the chance to make a contribution towards a wig that will lift a child up in happiness and confidence when they may be feeling really insecure and down and its just a really amazing thing to do! However, don’t feel like pressured into donating if you don’t want to, do what you want with your hair and you can do other things to make someone else feel happy.

Until next time,

Byeeee xx